2012 Volkswagen Polo Owners Manual

2012 Volkswagen Polo Owners Manual - Volkswagen Polo small car fans will get the latest version of the Polo. Because German car manufacturers are thinking to launch a version of the Polo All Wheel Drive (AWD). you can read "2012 Volkswagen GTI Owners Manual" before read this post.

Even the Head of R & D VW, VW Polo Ulrich Hackenberg said AWD is believed to be loved by the fans of the VW Polo. Unfortunately he did not say when the VW Polo AWD will soon be a line-up VW. "Could be popular in some countries," said Hackenberg told worldcarfans, Thursday (12/03/2012).

2012 Volkswagen Polo Owners Manual

Hackenberg added presence inspired AWD VW Polo VW Polo WRC made ​​a few months ago that has a speed of 0-100 km / h with a count of 6.4 seconds and a maximum speed of 243 km / h.

And later AWD VW Polo is the special vehicles from VW, VW Polo because AWD is a car that has its own character ever made by the manufacturer. Associated with the presence of AWD VW Polo, VW also has not occurred to the platform from which car. However, the current VW Polo still use the PQ25 platform which is also stored on the Audi A1.

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